There are several charging standards in the world. The USB 2.0 is one of the oldest charging standards and it has been losing popularity in recent years. The low maximum charging power of only 2.5 W is one of its disadvantages. This makes charging take an unnecessarily long time.

More efficient innovative technologies are coming to the fore, including Power Delivery. This charging standard is impressive for its high charging speed, and its superior safety.

Charging via USB-C connector only

Power Delivery technology is characterized by the fact that it only works when charging via the modern USB-C connector, which is currently rapidly replacing USB 2.0 and other older types of connectors.

Good to know: Charging with the Power Delivery standard is now supported by many smartphones, tablets, but also laptops and power banks.


2 generations of Power Delivery technology

You can experience 2 types of Power Delivery technology today. The older version PD 3.0 is most commonly used in mobile phones and supports a maximum charging power of up to 100 W. Some manufacturers limit this performance to even lower values.

The newer PD 3.1 version supports charging up to 240 W and therefore it is often used in laptops. Thanks to high output voltages, currents and power, charging with Power Delivery technology is up to 70% faster than older charging standards.


Charge multiple devices with a single adapter

Since Power Delivery adapters support high power charging, you can charge your smartphone, tablet and laptop with just one charger. This is a great advantage especially when travelling. You don’t need to carry several different chargers. Just one is enough to charge almost any smart device quickly and efficiently.


Top safety

Power Delivery technology automatically adjusts the charging power according to the requirements of the device. Thus, when you charge a smartphone that supports 15W charging with an adapter with a maximum power of 65W, the output power will be reduced based on the capabilities of that smartphone and will not overheat or degrade the battery faster. In addition, there is no risk of dangerous short circuits.


PD adapters and SBS power banks

The PD abbreviation on the packaging or directly on the device tells you that the adapter or power bank supports Power Delivery charging.

Power Delivery technology is now supported by most SBS charging adapters and power banks. It is also equipped with modern GaN adapters or Mag power banks. SBS products with the PD standard can be purchased for example in NAY stores and e-shops.