The world’s largest consumer electronics fair, held annually in Barcelona, was again this year full of interesting news. Our partners SBS, Fast Skin, PanzerGlassTM, Puro and case&me also exhibited a number of new products and technologies. In our overview, we will inform you about the most important ones.

SBS Power Banks

The Italian company SBS has brought the new elegant NanoTubeTM power banks with 5,000 and 10,000 mAh capacities to MWC, impressing with their high-end, high energy density lithium batteries and extremely compact size.

Both with display and wireless charging

Another interesting novelty is a power bank with LCD display, 20,000 mAh capacity and maximum charging power up to 100 W, which has Power Delivery technology and can charge 4 devices at the same time – smartphones, tablets, and even a laptop. The 5,000 mAh magnetic Mag Power Bank with wireless charging capability is also worthy of note, available in attractive colours. They are also equipped with a USB-C output for classic cable charging, which should provide 10 W of power.

Magnetic Cables and SBS Wireless Charging Station

SBS developers are doing everything they can to make it easier to charge devices. That’s why they’ve added an elegant charging station that you can put on your bedside table or desk. It allows you to wirelessly charge your smartwatch, smartphone and headphones at the same time. The ADS (Automatic Detection System) technology automatically registers the device request and adjusts the charging power accordingly.

The new handy magnetic cables simplify charging by being tangle-free, can be wound up in seconds and can then be easily carried in your pocket or bag. So they’re perfect for customers who travel a lot.

SBS display protection for foldable phones

SBS is also taking Samsung Z Flip 5 and Samsung Z Fold 5 foldable phone owners into consideration. It has introduced a revolutionary display protection for them, which consists of a film on the inside and tempered glass on the outside of the smartphone. It’s ready to perfectly protect your device from scratches and breakage during drops or impacts.

Revolutionary D3O material

The selected new SBS cases contain the unique D3O material, the world’s most advanced plant-based protective material. This contains intelligent molecules that effectively combine to absorb energy on impact, then dissipate it and return to their original position. Thanks to this, it can protect your smartphone extremely effectively even against strong impacts.

SBS Audio Products

Several new audio products have been added to the SBS offer. For example, the powerful Nu Blade headphones with a 4-hour battery life or the Sparkly TWS headphones with ENC technology and a 5-hour battery life. The stylish, colourful Beat Free or TWS Tiny Twin headphones with a 3-hour battery life are also worth a look.

Music Hero headphones and speakers

The Music Hero brand is trying to get closer to young users, for whom it has prepared a number of extravagant novelties. For example, the luminous Light Pop wireless headphones, the TWS Fluo Nubox and Rash headphones in bold colours, or the Floxy 2.0 wireless headphones with 20-hour battery life when fully charged.

An unusual novelty are the new stylish Music Hero mini speakers in the shape of a hen or a ram. They impress with their design, colours, but also with high sound quality and up to 3-hour battery life when fully charged.

New Fast Skin 4.0 and Maxi Roll

Fast Skin 4.0 is even more functional and practical than its predecessor. It features a swivel and tilt 7-inch display for easier operation, a more powerful processor for faster speeds, and better connectivity via Ethernet or e-SIM with 3G and 4G network support.

Also hot news is the Maxi Roll industrial solution consisting of a special foil cutting machine that can cut foils for 1,000 smartphones per hour. It can cut foils from several different supported materials and is equipped with advanced cutting management technology for optimum material utilization. Its dedicated software is fully integrated with the Fast Skin cloud.

Super-resistant PanzerGlassTM Ohara glass

At MWC, PanzerGlassTM showed the most durable protective glass ever made. It is named Ohara and is made of certified Japanese ceramic glass, which is also used in space stations. It’s scratch-resistant to Mohs 9 and has 30% better fingerprint resistance than traditional glass.

Ohara’s unique NANOCERAM glass material has more than three times the impact resistance of a steel ball than other high quality chemically toughened protective glasses. Thus providing uncompromising display protection at all times.

Stylish Puro iPhone cases

New to the Puro range are the Gradient and Aqua protective cases for iPhone. At first glance, they catch the eye with their unique colour and stylish design. They are compatible with MagSafe technology and consist of extremely high quality flexible material that is pleasant to the touch, so they reliably protect your smartphone during drops and impacts.

New Puro adapters and cables

Puro has added ultra-compact Mini Pro adapters with GaN technology for fast and safe charging. There’s a version with 2 USB-C outputs and 70W of power, a model with 3 outputs and 96W of power, and the top of the range is a 4-output adapter with up to 140W of power.

Cables matching the iPhone colour

The Puro brand has also launched new charging cables that you can easily match to the colour of the latest iPhone models. They are a great solution for every lover of elegance and modern trends.

Compact and practical Puro powerbanks

The new compact Power Plug 5 power bank with 5,000 mAh capacity and 10 W of power connects directly to your device’s USB-C charging port, so you can conveniently use it while it’s charging. It is also worth noting the Puro Power Link 5 and 10 power banks, which have a built-in flexible cable with its holder. You’ll never have to take your power bank with you but leave the cable at home. One version has a capacity of 5,000 mAh, the other 10,000 mAh. The powerbanks have USB-A and USB-C output and you can take them on board the plane.

Extremely thin 4,200 mAh Mini Power Mag magnetic power bank compatible with MagSafe technology will win you over with a thickness of only 1 cm. There’s also a USB-C output on the bottom for cable charging.

Puro Mag Station 2 and 3 charging station

New in the Puro range are stylish charging stations with aluminium body. The Mag Station 2 is equipped with 2 charging surfaces for simultaneous wireless charging of your smartphone (15W) and AirPods (5W). The Mag Station 3 version also offers a 5W wireless charging holder for the Apple Watch smartwatch. The Qi2 standard supports 15W magnetic charging, which improves wireless charging efficiency, reducing both power leakage and device heating, thereby extending battery life.

Puro Studio Mini Headphones

For lovers of compact but powerful headphones, Puro has prepared a new Studio Mini model with ANC technology for active noise cancellation. These sleek headphones offer high sound quality, up to 6.5 hours of playtime on a full charge, and are fully compatible with Siri and Google Assistant. There are 3 silicone tips in sizes S, M and L in the package to fit your ears precisely.

Interesting news from case&me

At MWC, the case&me brand presented its new Coco edition, which includes stylish bracelets for smartphone cases, colourful necklaces, as well as linen bags. In the new Jelly edition you will find cases with floral patterns, elegant bags or handbags and trendy bracelets to go with the cases.

Practical Rollie Bags with a stylish design have also been added to the range. When not in use, they can be rolled up into a compact roll that you can put in your pocket. Their advantage is that they are water, sand and dust resistant.

Many of these innovations are already in the pipeline for our sales partners and will soon be available to Slovak customers. Are you interested in some new products and would you like to add them to your portfolio? Let us know about you.