Company cars are extremely important at our company. We use them daily to visit our clients, whose shops are all over Slovakia. There’s a good chance you’ve encountered them on the road. They now have attractive branding that highlights the brands of our main partners – SBS and PanzerGlass.

The products of SBS and PanzerGlass™ make up a significant part of our portfolio and we are very proud to have built a good partnership with these prestigious brands.
That is why we decided to present them on our company cars. We had unique designs created that instantly catch the eye and are striking even in crowded traffic.

Stylish visual identity

Cars with the SBS logo are white and complemented by stylish graphic elements along the entire circumference of the body. The various shades were selected to match the visual identity of SBS, so they are clearly identifiable even from a distance. The design nicely complements the visuals of some of the SBS products in our portfolio.

In the case of cars with PanzerGlass branding, we chose darker graphic elements consistent with the visual strategy of this well-known Danish company. Of course, there is the orange colour of the PanzerGlass inscription. Branding wrapping is complemented by the visual of a smartphone with protective glass.


Effective mobile advertising

Since our company cars are constantly on the road, they are a kind of mobile advertising that spreads awareness of the SBS and PanzerGlass brands throughout Slovakia. Literally, because each region has its own sales branch. Individual cars can most often be found at petrol stations, shopping centres and wherever our clients are located.