Do you use Fast Skin device to cut protective films for smartphones, tablets or smartwatches? Then you should definitely explore the unique Fast Skin Plus and Skeen extensions. They enable you to extend the functionality of Fast Skin with other practical options that your customers will undoubtedly appreciate!

It is possible to start using these extensions in a really simple way. Just add Fast Skin Plus or Skeen to the basic Fast Skin 3.0 device and you’re ready to go, without no demanding configuration.

Fast Skin Plus

The Fast Skin Plus extension is based on a special protective film which is applied to the device in an unusual way – in a unique vacuum device.

Why Fast Skin Plus?

A special feature of the Fast Skin Plus film is its surface that resembles glass to the touch. The finger slides over it easily and it adds a feeling of luxury. Plus, no fingerprints are left on it, so the screen will always look clean. From a practical point of view, the self-regeneration function is a significant advantage. For example, when you scratch the film with a sharp item, the scratch gradually disappears on its own and becomes invisible.

Thanks to UV technology, the film strengthens its structure and firmly adheres to the screen. You don’t have to worry about bubbles or peeling. Since the film is elastic, there is no risk that strong impacts will break it into smaller parts with sharp edges that could cause injury.

Unique application process

The Fast Skin Plus film is applied to the device differently from standard Fast Skin films. However, the procedure is very simple. The first step in Fast Skin 3.0 is to have the film cut to size for the specific device. More than 4,000 completely new and older models are supported. The film is then applied to the screen and inserted into the Fast Skin Plus device.
In the first step, the vacuum eliminates even the smallest bubbles.

Subsequently, the film in the Fast Skin Plus device is exposed to UV radiation, which sterilises the entire device, ensures solid adherence to the screen and, most importantly, strengthens the surface. As a result, it gains above-standard strength and scratch resistance, and has a long service life even when used in harsh conditions.


With the Skeen extension, you can make personalised protective films on the back of the devices using any photos. This extension is based on the Epson Skeen printer supplied, which communicates with the Fast Skin device.

Multi-layer material

The resulting film consists of several layers, the thickest of which is made of high-quality polyester TPU film. The combination of layers, despite the small thickness, provides excellent protection against impacts or scratches. Like the film on the screen, it has a self-regeneration function. That is, it clears the grooves caused by scratches on its own to make it look like new.

Perfect transparency is guaranteed, so the photo that is part of the film stands out perfectly. Another advantage is easy cleaning and the fact that there are no fingerprints on the surface. The film is easily applied to the device, without the risk of bubbles and other imperfections.

Simple production

The advantage of the Skeen extension is that customers can personalise the film design. There are two ways of doing this.

  • In your shop. By scanning the QR code, they will see a template in which they can intuitively create their own film design. They can add photos, text, change colours, etc.
  • In the comfort of their home. Customers choose their own device from the list available. The template is then displayed and can be customised.
    After creating their design, customers simply send it to you. Fast Skin, together with the Skeen printer, transforms it into a high-quality protective film. The staff in the shop will apply it to the device easily and in minutes. Want to use the unique extensions for Fast Skin? Contact us >>. Fast Skin is already used by many partners in Slovakia, and in other countries such as the Czech Republic and Hungary.