Tired of going to the shops and looking for a protective film for your smart device? SBS mobile, an Italian manufacturer, offers a unique solution that is
worthy of attention. Fast Skin is like a protective film printer that can precisely cut a protective film for more than 4,000 different smart devices. Not only smartphones, but also tablets and smartwatches.

Fast Skin is compact, sleekly designed and fast. Simply insert the film into the inlet opening, then choose your device from a choice of over 4,000, start cutting and in about 1 minute you get the finished protective film. It will be cut precisely to size, according to the dimensions of the device as entered in its database.

The list of supported smartphones, tablets and smartwatches is regularly updated via Wi-Fi, so Fast Skin can even handle films for the latest models on the market. The database also contains older devices for which ordinary shops no longer offer protective films. Interestingly, Fast Skin produces not only films for the screen, but also for the back of smartphones.

4-layer basic film

The input material for Fast Skin is a special multi-layer film consisting of 4 parts – a cutting base, a positioning film, a highly durable TPU film and a protective layer. Of these layers, however, only one, the most important, highly durable TPU protective film will remain on the device. It has unique features that will protect your device.

Unique protective film for the screen

All protective films are made of unique material from Japanese laboratories. This material reports excellent resistance to shocks and scratches, has a self-regeneration function, and is perfectly transparent. It does not distort the screen colours and does not reduce sensitivity. Not least, the films are easy to apply, are pleasant to the touch and reduce the risk of fingerprints.

You can choose from several models of protective films that differ in their properties.

Standard Sheet

Basic model that is highly durable, self-regenerating, and offers excellent transparency and sensitivity. Suitable for straight screens, and can also be used to calibrate the device.

Iron Shell

Strong and durable protective film that is just 0.12 mm thick. It can withstand a fall from a height of up to 1.8 m. Suitable for rounded screens.

Ultra Protection

If you want superior protection for your device, this film will be perfect for you. It has a double thickness (0.24 mm). As a result, it can withstand falls from a height of up to 2 m.


The most durable and the latest model from the range, which uses the latest technologies in the field of protective films. Even though it is just 0.19 mm thick,
it can withstand falls from a height of up to 2 m. It offers superior protection from scratches and has an excellent self-regeneration function.

Easy film application

Dry or wet application of the protective films to the screen is available.

Disadvantages of wet application

The disadvantage of wet application is the fact that a special liquid must first be applied to the surface of the device and it may leak into the holes. The device must not be used for 10-15 minutes after application. In addition, since there is a flexible liquid under the film, mini hollows can occur on the surface if the screen is pressed with greater strength. The film itself has a visible structure on the surface that resembles orange peels. Cutting the film is a little more complicated since a special pad must be accurately applied under the film before cutting.

Fast and easy dry application

Fast Skin uses films for dry application. There is no need to apply any liquid under the film before application. Therefore, the application process itself is quick and simple and the device can be used immediately, there’s no need to wait for anything to dry. The film is easily applied to the entire surface of the screen, even for models with rounded edges. The great advantage of films applied using the dry method is that the surface is beautifully smooth, free of hollows, and has no orange texture. Cutting the film is fast and does not require a special pad.

The Fast Skin device is available at NAY electronics shops, FixServis branches and mobile operators throughout Slovakia. If you want perfect protection for your smart devices, and are tired of looking for films and wondering at their dubious quality, Fast Skin will be a great choice for you!